About Us

Our History

Harbour Village Yacht Club was founded in 1989 in Hampstead, North Carolina.  The club was formed to promote boating and enjoy social functions as a boating club.   The club was formed with 48 members who shared a passion for boating.  In 1999 the club purchased the property on which our clubhouse, launch ramp, and parking lot are located.  In 2000 the club bought the area that is now our members' storage lot. 

Who We Are

Harbour Village Yacht Club is a private club focused on boating and enjoying social events with our members. Today our club is made up of 110 equity members who share equally in the ownership of the club.  We are a boating organization with social events and enjoy time together on the water as well as on land.  

Our Location

Our clubhouse is located at 2019 Kings Landing Road in the Olde Point subdivision.  We are located on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway at Channel Marker 98.  The club owns a boat ramp, club house, parking area, and a 58-slot boat and boat trailer storage lot for members.